• If you use project management systems, make sure you have an account there with corresponding rights
  • Make sure Admin sets corresponding access rights for your CrISStal Eye account
  • Check that your project management system credentials are in your CrISStal Eye profile
  • Install latest CrISStal Eye client, if you don't have it yet
  • Check your time zones on your PC, in CrISStal Eye profile, and in your project management system profile
  • Check with your administrator that you have access rights set correctly
  • Check with your administrator that your access rights to projects in project management systems and in CrISStal Eye match
  • Check your credentials to project management systems in your CrISStal Eye profile
  • You can only work on open tasks. If a task is closed in a project management system or you don't have access rights - you can't log time in it.
  • Tasks can be copied from project to project or from planner to planner. Don't move tasks - it will cause errors.
  • On Users tab check that all users are active and they have correct roles.
  • On Planners and projects tab check that all planners have correct credentials to synchronize with CrISStal Eye
  • Also check that all the required projects are added to CrISStal Eye and they have correct parameters (rounding, time to screenshots binding) set
  • On Project permissions tab check that users have correct roles assigned
For the successful OpenERP integration please follow these steps:
  • Log in on the web application as Admin;
  • Go to the Profile page;
  • On "My company" tab choose your company and check the "Allow ERP" checkbox;
  • Go to the "Open ERP" tab in Administration menu;
  • Fill out your company's data;
  • Add users on the "Open ERP Users" tab.
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